Monday, February 17, 2014

A Small Moment of Utter Idiocy

It has become apparent that I am too dependent upon modern technology. I was in my driveway last week attempting to get into my car when I found that the battery in my key fob had died and pressing the "unlock" button to open my car door was no  longer an option. I pressed it a few times hoping to hear that comforting click but the battery was well and truly dead. I stood outside my car feeling a wide range of emotions. The first was bewilderment--"how am I going to get into my car?" I thought in dismay. Thinking about the problem I realized that my husband had another key fob and I could simply go back inside and get it. But this lead to rage--"What if this had happened when I was away from home and didn't have access to another fob? What if my son had been in the car and got locked in? What if I was on my way to somewhere really important and my fob just died, stranding me? Who came up with this stupid system that can fail in such a way that getting into  your car becomes impossible?"

In the midst of my annoyance I was scanning my car door absentmindedly. Suddenly I registered the small detail of a keyhole by the handle. I flipped open the key on my fob (until now used solely for the purpose of turning on the car engine) and realized that the key I held in my hand would very likely fit in the keyhole on my car door and, wonder of wonders, unlock it. And so, I was able to get into my car, now in a state of shock over my own stupidity. When on earth did I forget that physical keys can be used to open car doors? Technology is a scary thing people. The old ways are slipping away. I share this story as a cautionary tale to others so that you won't be caught in public fretting over your inability to get into your car when your fob battery dies.