Amaranth Road began as a musical collaboration between myself and my husband. We started by revising a few of my old originals and then began to write songs together. As our body of work grew my husband, an amateur recording engineer, started talking about putting together an album. After a year of writing and recording we released our album: Love-Lies-Bleeding in 2009. The work traces a relationship from its optimistic start to its volatile end, touching on some aspects of love that are frequently relegated to dark corners. The entire album is acoustic, consisting of myself on vocals and my husband on nylon string guitar. He is also responsible for all of the recording, mixing, and mastering on this project while I took on the task of designing the album artwork. We are so grateful that we had the opportunity to complete this project together and hope that you enjoy our music.

The album can be purchased in MP3 format by visiting CD Baby.

If you are interested in purchasing this album  in CD format or contacting the musicians with questions or comments please contact The cost is $15 + shipping if applicable. A PDF document containing lyrics for all songs is also available by request. We just didn't have space to fit them all into the album insert. I welcome any inquiries you may have. Thanks for listening!

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